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Not that average girl. Just reading this sentence it is something which every girl wants to be able to say about herself or hear others mention when describing her.
Not that average girl. She is the kind of girl that walks through the halls and heads turn in her direction. She wears every extraordinary outfit with a sassy smile. She does not care what anybody says about her. Therefore, she does what she considers as the right thing to do and does not rely on anybody else’s opinion. No matter which situation she knows a tough answer. Everything she does seems to be done with no effort. But what is easy to forget when seeing her day to day even looking good while failing that she struggles as well as everyone else does.
Why I am sure it is that way?
Well, that’s an easy one.
Who sees her when the light goes out? Because when you take a closer look to the people around you, you will realize that everybody is struggling with something and – as Nicholas Sparks has written it – to them it is just as hard as what you are going through.
But let me tell you there is something which makes a difference. Be grateful for the small things. It may sounds bizarre and I am sure the first thing which comes to your mind is a post card with a pastel font which you can find in one of these girly shops. First things first, you will realize that it is not that easy to always be grateful when you are in a bad place. It requires discipline to always remind yourself to remember all the things which make your life worth living. Nonetheless, believe me it is true that it is the small things which matter. The beautiful sunrise on your last holiday. Coming home to your mom surprising you with a crazy amount of your favourite snack. The feeling after an intense workout. Laughing with your friends till it hurts.
To know what really matters is the key to not care about what anybody else thinks. Because you know they can’t take away what defines you: the small things. This is the knowledge these girls who seem to be so happy in every situation you see them carry. They struggle as well but they don’t let their struggles decide who they are.


Heyo, here are two ways how I would style pinestripe trousers! One more edgy look with this special top I bought in NY and which I totally love. The other outfit is super casual and I even wore it to school because I think it is fancy but not too fancy to look overdressed. In both cases I would combine the trousers with black ankle boots which are only shown with the white blouse but it does look exactly the same with the grey top! I hope you don’t mind not having a full outfit photo of the casual version but I am sure you can imagine how it looks. Which look do you prefer?
P.S.: Furthermore, you can wear these outfits in the winter – without looking like a big ball of whool – by adding a cardigan and a coat!




Some Memories from a day trip to beautiful Annecy! Even though it was cloudy it was nice to get to know the really nice city and I would love to come back on a sunny day to hop in to the lake and have dinner in one of the lovely restaurants!


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Daily Life

The last four weeks passed by very quickly because I was busy studying for many tests and doing some workouts in between. I’m very proud of myself because this month it was the first time I went on a 10k run!

Current Music Favorites

Oh Wonder – Drive
Oh Wonder – All We Do
Oh Wonder – Lose It
Fritz Kalkbrenner – Void
Fritz Kalkbrenner – Pitch Perfect
The Him – Feels Like Home (ft. Son Mieux)
Nicki Minaj – Save Me

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After preparing certain things for school last week and staying at home to chill out, I’m now visiting a friend in Lyon. We’ve already been to Lyon twice to take photos, to eat a crêpe and to do some shopping. Tomorrow we will go downtown again to eat in a traditonally restaurant which I’m very excited about. Further, we will do some shopping again, visit a museum and visit Croix-Rousse

Back to Hogwarts

While I’m here a French TV progrann shows a Harry Potter film every evening which I really enjoy because it is very nice to rewatch them because they remind me of how much I love Harry Potter and the British accent. I hope to visit London next year since I haven’t been there the last three years and it is one of my favorites city!




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Well, I’m back home now for already 2 weeks and today was actually my first day at school. Anyways, I have further photos from my vacation in the States that I want to share with you.

As you might know from my last posts we started our trip in New York where we stayed for one week. We had planned to go to the beach so we took the plane from JFK to Raleigh, North Carolina. There we rented a car to be able to move around more easily. The first we stayed at a hotel in New Bern which was situated at the harbour!
New Bern is a small but beautiful town. There are plenty small shops and restaurants, which even has a rooftop, on the main street. While we did a bit window shopping I saw the most beautiful wedding dress! Too bad I don’t have an occasion to wear it 😉

Our next stop was going to two different islands. One of them can only be reached by a ferry. This one was reaaaaally beautiful. You feel kind of seperated from the rest of the world but in a good way. Since it is an island it is surrounded by water and the only connection you have to the rest of the world is wifi but it feels really good to turn your phone off. You’ll have a good time spending it going to the beach, enjoy the sun and a fantastic smoothie.