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Well, I’m back home now for already 2 weeks and today was actually my first day at school. Anyways, I have further photos from my vacation in the States that I want to share with you.

As you might know from my last posts we started our trip in New York where we stayed for one week. We had planned to go to the beach so we took the plane from JFK to Raleigh, North Carolina. There we rented a car to be able to move around more easily. The first we stayed at a hotel in New Bern which was situated at the harbour!
New Bern is a small but beautiful town. There are plenty small shops and restaurants, which even has a rooftop, on the main street. While we did a bit window shopping I saw the most beautiful wedding dress! Too bad I don’t have an occasion to wear it 😉

Our next stop was going to two different islands. One of them can only be reached by a ferry. This one was reaaaaally beautiful. You feel kind of seperated from the rest of the world but in a good way. Since it is an island it is surrounded by water and the only connection you have to the rest of the world is wifi but it feels really good to turn your phone off. You’ll have a good time spending it going to the beach, enjoy the sun and a fantastic smoothie.




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