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Well, I’m back home now for already 2 weeks and today was actually my first day at school. Anyways, I have further photos from my vacation in the States that I want to share with you.

As you might know from my last posts we started our trip in New York where we stayed for one week. We had planned to go to the beach so we took the plane from JFK to Raleigh, North Carolina. There we rented a car to be able to move around more easily. The first we stayed at a hotel in New Bern which was situated at the harbour!
New Bern is a small but beautiful town. There are plenty small shops and restaurants, which even has a rooftop, on the main street. While we did a bit window shopping I saw the most beautiful wedding dress! Too bad I don’t have an occasion to wear it 😉

Our next stop was going to two different islands. One of them can only be reached by a ferry. This one was reaaaaally beautiful. You feel kind of seperated from the rest of the world but in a good way. Since it is an island it is surrounded by water and the only connection you have to the rest of the world is wifi but it feels really good to turn your phone off. You’ll have a good time spending it going to the beach, enjoy the sun and a fantastic smoothie.





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SoHo is a hip neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan. It is just a neighbourhood but you can’t discover it by just one short walk. You really could spend days strolling through SoHo:
There are a endless number of hip boutiques and cute places to eat -even though I hadn’t the time to go to one but I saw plenty.
Nonetheless, I went shopping and all I can say is: I was pretty happy when I came to our flat with my little black shopping bag!
Furthermore, the architecture in SoHo is very interesting and beautiful. The form of architecture in which the houses are built is called ‘Cast-iron architecture’ and you can’t find a place which boasts more houses built in this style than in SoHo!

For shopping I can recommend taking train 6 and get out at Spring Street or Bleeker Street


Brooklyn was the first part of New York – not consindering JFK – we saw. We took a cab to our airbnb flat – where we had a lovely stay – and straight went to the grocery store. On the way down the street I had the chance to see the lovely houses closer and I really fell in love with them.
The grocery store was very intresting for me as a foreinger because our German stores are different to the American ones. For example there are thousand different kinds of tomato sauce or oats!
To fight the jetlag I forced my family to go to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk and around stay awake. In order to get there we had to buy tickets (obviously).
I want to mention this because were really lucky that at our train station was a really funny and friendly lady who helped us out by telling us which card and train to take.
We took the train to High Street and walked around in DUBMO and Brooklyn Bridge Park. We didn’t do much since we all wanted to lay down but it was wonderful to see the sun going down behind the Brooklyn Bridge,the skycrapers of Manhattan, the Street Art, people laying down on the grass and sitting in cute places. I really recommend going to Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO even though you’re staying in Manhattan. It is a more calm place and very artsy. There are a lot of little fancy shops and cafés or – if you don’t want to go shopping – you could just lay down on the grass and have a wonderful view and maybe a picnic or a pizza!