Hello, my name is Isabel and since you clicked on this site you want to get to know me! A perfect day for me would start with my usual breakfast. I always have oats with seasonal fruits and some kind of bread. After breakfast I would go for a run before it is too hot – since a perfect day would of course be a summer day – to running. When I’m on a run I listen to music which is too embarassing to be published, please excuse me! Little hint: it is mostly rap which keeps me running! Otherwise I love The XX, Milky Chance, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Martin Garrix, Jabberwocky and Fauve (the last two artists are french). After running I would jump in the shower and get ready for the day. Depending on how the weather is there a few things which I would to do afterwards: going on a bike tour with friends and having a picnic, going to the city to do some shopping and to take some photos, reading in the sun with a smoothie in the other hand or if it is raining I love to watch an embarassing amount of films and trying to be creative while practising drawing or similar things.

My blog is the place where I love to share what I have on mind between all the things I love to do and things like going to school and facing these daily problems we all have to deal with. So this can be really everything from thoughts to art projects over travel photos and experiences.

Enjoy and spread good vibes!


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